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Ideal 30

In 2008, Trodat, the world leader in rubber stamps, purchased M&R, the US leader in rubber stamps and manufacturer of Ideal stamp cases. Trodat has integrated all Ideal models with the eco-friendly Trodat Printy line and discontinued “old” Ideal models (Ideal models 30, 50, 80, 100, 200, 5742, 5790, 300, 400R, and 5770).

RubberStamps.net has always carried Trodat stamps due to their superb construction, crisp impressions and eco-friendly products. You will love them!

Please use the following comparison chart to find the new equivalent for old Ideal stamps:

Ideal Model Trodat Equivalent Size Comparision

Ideal 30

1″W by 3/8″H
Trodat 4910 1 1/32″W by 3/8″H Trodat Slightly Larger
+1/32″ Width
Identical Height

Ideal 50

1 5/8″W by 5/8″H
Trodat 4911 1 1/2″W by 9/16″H Trodat Slightly Smaller
-1/8″ Width
-1/16″ Height

Ideal 80

Ideal E75

2″W by 3/4″H
Trodat 4912 1 7/8″W by 3/4″H Trodat Slightly Smaller
-1/8″ Width
Identical Height

Ideal 100

2 3/8″W by 3/4″H
Trodat 4913 2 3/8″W by 7/8″H Trodat Slightly Larger
Identical Width
+1/8″ Height

Ideal 200

2 1/2″W by 1″H
Trodat 4915 2 3/4″W by 1″H Trodat Slightly Larger
+1/4″ Width
Identical Height

Ideal 5770

2 3/4″W by 3/8″H
Trodat 4916 2 3/4″W by 3/8″H Identical Size

Ideal 5742

1 5/8″ Square
Trodat 4924 1 5/8″ Square Identical Size
We also offer round stamps in this size.

Ideal 400R

1 5/8″ Round
Trodat 46040 1 5/8″ Round Identical Size

Ideal 5970

3 1/4″W by 1″H
Trodat 4925 3 1/4″W by 1″H Identical Size

Ideal 300

3″W by 1 1/2″H
Trodat 4926 3″W by 1 1/2″H Identical Size

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