Wholesale & Bulk Rubber Stamps

Wholesale & Reseller Ordering

www.rubberstamps.net is proud to manufacture custom stamps for hundreds of reseller and wholesale customers. From office supply stores to design & branding firms, from shipping-solution providers to calligraphers, we quickly provide accurate, high-quality rubber stamps that continually impress our resellers, their clients and their customers.

Reseller perks include free drop/blind shipping (our company is completely invisible on packaging and product), substantial discounts and more! Please email [email protected] with your business name, website and email address on your www.rubberstamps.net account (if applicable) to be considered for wholesale enrollment.

Bulk & Quantity Discount Ordering

Need a large solution for your home or office? We've got a stamp for that!

For quantity discounts on large and bulk orders, simply enter the promotional code BULK during checkout and the bulk discount schedule will immediately apply:

Discount Percent Order Total (greater than or equal to)
10.00% $100
12.50% $250
15.00% $500
17.50% $1000
20.00% $5000
22.50% $10000
25.00% $25000
27.50% $50000
30.00% $100000

Tax-Exempt & Government Ordering

Work for a state, federal or tax-exempt organization? If www.rubberstamps.net is shipping outside the state of Iowa, every order is automatically tax-exempt!

If an order will ship within the state of Iowa, please contact us at 1-877-391-6369 Monday-Friday from 9:00am-5:00pm or email [email protected]; appropriate measures will be taken to set up a new tax-exempt account.