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Selecting an Image for Custom Rubber Stamps

When customizing a rubber stamp on RubberStamps.net, a graphic can be uploaded at no additional charge. Content in uploaded graphics must adhere to RubberStamps.net’s Terms and Conditions.

Uploaded graphics must be:
  • – In a .jpg, .bmp, .png or .gif format
  • – Completely black and white
  • – Void of superfluous white space or unwanted background noise
  • – Clear (a resolution of at least 300 dpi is recommended)
Other best practices:
  • – The higher the resolution, the better (600+ dpi ideal)
  • – Recommended line width of .01 or 6pixels at 600dpi ideal for most-robust impression possible
Good Graphics Bad Graphics
Broach Graphic - Good Example Broach Graphic - Bad Example
Pinwheel Graphic - Good Example Pinwheel Graphic - Bad Example
Logo - Good Example Logo - Bad Example
Cat Photo - Good Example Cat Photo - Bad Example
Butterfly Graphic - Good Example Butterfly Graphic - Bad Example

For more information on creating and converting black and white graphics, feel free to visit our tutorials on creating black and white graphics in Microsoft® Paint and/or Adobe® Fireworks®.

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