Wood-Mounted Rubber Stamps

The anatomy of a wood-mounted rubber stamp:

Wood Stamp Features Diagram

To create a wood-mounted rubber stamp, we:

  1. Laser-engrave the rubber at 1000 dpi
  2. Cut foam cushion to adhere to the exact proportions of the rubber die
  3. Laser engrave the top of the wood mount

A shot of the laser engraver in action!

Trotec Laser Engravers Etching Impression Previews on Wood Blocks

We purchase our laser engravers from Trotec®. They rock!

A finished wood mount:

A Laser Etched Wood Mount

Note: Because we use a natural, maple wood, the hue of wood mounts may vary slightly from order to order.


  • – Use your custom rubber stamp on a flat surface
  • – For graphics, upload an image that is black and white (not grayscale or color)
  • – Use a nonalcohol-based ink (alcohol-based inks will deteriorate rubber)
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