More Customization Help & FAQ

What is the turnaround time for an order?
If an order is for:
- Self-Inking
- Date Stamps
- Stamp Pads
The production time is one business day. If an order is for a permanent, pre-inked or wood-mounted stamps, the production time is two business days.
If there are any difficulties with the order (charge was declined, etc.), an email will be sent to the email address that was submitted with the order.
Can I re-order a previous design, or do I have to input my information again?
To re-order, simply log into your account and select "Reorder" on the upper-left side of the screen. Add individual stamps or entire orders to the shopping cart with a single click!
I work for a tax-exempt organization. How do I ensure I am not charged taxes on my purchase?
Work for a state, federal or tax-exempt organization? To get started, please fill out our sales tax exemption form.
I do not want to give my credit card information online, or I need to pay via a Purchase Order. Do I have to use a credit card online?
While we can assure you that RubberStamps.Net is a completely secure website, we understand that you may have concerns about submitting credit card information online. After customizing your order online, you will see three payment options: 1.) Pay immediately online via credit card, 2.) Telephone in a credit card number, or 3.) Mail in a check. Select either of the last two options if you prefer not to enter credit card information online, or need an order number to reference for your company's purchase order. Please remember that any unpaid orders will be held until payment has been confirmed.
How do I find out my tracking number?
If USPS Priority Mail or USPS Express Mail is selected as the shipping method, a tracking/confirmation number will be provided. Log in and click the "Details" button for the order. If a trackable shipping method was selected, the tracking number will be in the "Ship To" field. This will be trackable at
I have uploaded an image for my stamp, but I cannot see it in the stamp preview.
All uploaded images for placement on a rubber stamp must be in a .jpg, .png, .bmp, or .gif format. If an image has been uploaded that is not in one of these file formats, you will not be preview or create a stamp from this image. To convert an image to the appropriate format, please view our tutorials on creating black and white graphics in Windows Paint or, for a more detailed graphic, creating black and white graphics in Macromedia Fireworks.
How will I know if my artwork will work on a stamp?
The best kind of artwork to be uploaded on a stamp is a completely black and white image. As all images must be converted to black and white before engraving (an image is either engraved in a particular area or it is not), a monochrome image will convert best. Gray-scale or color graphics can be uploaded to the site, but may not turn out as intended when converted to black and white and produced as a stamp.
I am looking for a particular graphic or type of art stamp. What graphics do you carry?
We do not have any graphics available on the website. All graphics, clipart, company logos, and signatures for signature stamps must be uploaded during the order-submission process and must adhere to the terms and conditions at
I have uploaded a graphic for an art stamp and the graphic appears skewed. How can I fix this?
If the uploaded image is to fill the entire stamp, select the "Fill Entire Stamp with Image" in the "Select Location of Uploaded Image" field and update the stamp preview. This will make the image fill the entire stamp. If the preview has updated and the graphic still appears skewed, using a graphic-editing program (Paint, Macromedia Fireworks, Corel PhotoPaint, etc.) remove/crop any whitespace that surrounds the image. Unneeded whitespace may cause the graphic to appear different or smaller than intended.
Can I ship and bill my stamps to my UPS or FedEx account?
Yes, if is contacted at 1-877-391-6369 immediately after the online order is placed, we can bill to a UPS or FedEx account. The $3.95 First-Class shipping fee still applies for setup of shipping via alternate carriers; this fee is waived for orders over $100.
How can I contact you?
Toll-Free Customer Service: 1-877-391-6369, 9:00am - 5:00pm CST, Monday-Friday or email [email protected]
How do I replace the ink pad on my Trodat self-inking stamp?
Visit for a short tutorial demonstrating this simple task of changing the internal ink pads for the Trodat line of self-inking stamps.
Am I required to have text on my stamp?
Text is not required on a rubber stamp. If you would like to upload a graphic, feel free to do so. We will not create any stamps that promote profanity, racism, hatred, bigotry, contain pornographic materials or any illegal or illicit activities.
I clicked "My Account", but the screen timed out. Why can't I view my account?
In order to view your account, you must first sign in. Click the "Sign In" link next to "Your Account" and sign in with your username and password. Once you have logged in, you will be able to view your account.
Do you carry clothing ink or ink that will not smear on the back of a photo?
Yes! We carry Ultifast quick-dry stamps for permanent, non-smear stamping any sensitive material. They work on glass, glossy paper, fabric, and are great for clothing stamps and non-porous applications. For wood-mounted stamps, we carry Stazon stamp pads.
What are self-inking stamps?
Self-inking stamps have a sleek metal or plastic body with a replaceable ink pad housed inside. When the stamp is idle, the rubber stamp plate rests against the ink pad. When the stamp is pressed, a spring mechanism turns the rubber stamp plate to face the object being imprinted.
What are date stamps?
Date stamps are stamps with rotatable bands that allow you to select the month, date and year. Date stamps will be designated as customizable or date-only stamps.
What are numberers?
Numberers are stamps with changeable bands, each band containing the digits 0-9, allowing you to create a multi-digit number to imprint.